The bow and the arrow have ever fascinated human beings. Either tools for hunting, weapons for war, or magical artifacts, they are some of the oldest invention of mankind.
They have never been put aside: leaving battle fields, and more and more hunting, they became a sport, an entertainment or a source of meditation. And thus they evolved until becoming the best that the high technology may offer today.
In order to be ever more performing, the archer must have also evolved. The way of shooting today is very far from the past way that required survival and protection of people. Accuracy and consistency are the key words in archery. The archer must seek within himself what the equipment is unable to provide him. It is he and he only who makes the arrow flies. If he is awkward, too weak, if he has not set properly his equipment or if it is damaged, if he has not the mind focused on his arrow, all that is his fault!
School of responsibility and humility, everyone may learn archery.

In the following pages (select the subjects below), I suggest you to step inside some aspects of this sport:

Archer training
Dominant eye
Strenghtening in progress

Classic bows
Encyclopedia of classic archery
Index of the encyclopedia
Description of a classic bow
Put the string on the bow

Author (texts and drawings): Cécile Lafaurie